Why to hollow tine our greens in Font del Llop Golf

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Why to hollow tine our greens by Font del Llop Golf

It’s a perfect day, sunny and just reach the green of the hole one. We are enjoying and will putt for birdie. Suddenly, we see those small holes on the green. Arrggh! They have just hollow tinned the greens, and this will be our round ruin, won´t it?
Tom Watson, a still alive golfing legend, played at the Kansas City Country Club a PGA tournament and got 58 shots two days after having hollow tinned the greens in that golf course.

We must consider that aerification or “hollow tinning” is nothing more than a brief interruption of greens in perfect condition of game in the short term that will give us long term benefits for the greens. 

Preventive maintenance is an integral part of the success of Management and maintenance of the golf course. Players see the “hollow tinning” as a drawback that makes us keep the greens “out of play” for a day, leaving holes and sand on the green, which will make our game not perfect until after a few days. To make things worse, the hollow tinning is usually done at the time of the year in which greens have the best appearance and on top of everything, it coincides with our vacation days.
However, every golfer needs to understand why the green aerification is necessary to achieve a healthy lawn.
With aerification is achieved to relieve the compaction of the soil, to provide a better oxygenation of the soil around the upper part of the roots and reduce the accumulation of organic matter (thatch)
As so many things, the quality of a good green goes beyond what we see. In fact, the condition of a green has much to do with what is happening below the surface. In order to get the turf grows, you must have deep, healthy roots, receiving the oxygen of small hollows of air between the soil and the sand particles.

Gradually, the traffic of golf players´ feet and the daily passage of maintenance machines tend to compact the soil of the green. When the soil is compacted, these air bags are “crushed” and the roots run out of oxygen, so roots become weaker and, finally, wither and die.

Aerification is a mechanical process that creates more air space on the soil and benefits deep rooting, helping the lawn to stay healthy. In most cases, it´s done by removing a couple of centimeters from the compacted soil, allowing an injection of air and water that will produce a revival of growth. The spaces are filled with sand (topdressing) which helps the soil to retain air space and makes it easier for the roots to grow downward.
The benefits of hollow tinning: many!

The elimination of the thatch layer prevents that the thatch accumulates on the surface, what would dispose soft and slow greens and a retention of water on the surface; also favors and much, soil oxygenation and above all, the development of micro-organisms that benefit the growth of the turf; and finally, the hollow tinning facilitates good drainage and infiltration of water, as much from rain and as from irrigation.

So do not despair when you find a hollow tined green. The green recovery does not usually exceed two or three weeks of discomfort or even less, and is typically only done twice a year, to count with 48 weeks of perfect, firm and fast greens.


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