2017/ Tournaments

29/July VI OpenGolf Tournament Registrations in Caddy Master
04/August VIII Summer Cup Invitational
12/August IV Dama de Elche Registrations in Caddy Master
26/August Monforte del Cid Comp. Registrations in Caddy Master

2017/ Ranking

14 & 15/July VII Anniversary Ranking no Facebook
24 & 25/June Foro 2000 Tournament Private
18/June IV President Cup Registrations in Caddy Master
20/May Corporate Tour Registrations in Caddy Master
29/January VII T. Christmas María Jaén Ranking on Facebook

2016/ Ranking

30/December V T.Turkey and Grape Registrations in Caddy Master
03/December Final Members Ranking Registrations in Caddy Master
19/November IV T. Titleist Footjoy Registrations in Caddy Master
24/September Levante Cup Fco.Gil 9/10 Registrations in Valencian Federation
17/September III President Cup Registrations in Caddy Master
27/August V T. Summer End Registrations in Caddy Master
13/August III T. Dama de Elche Registrations in Caddy Master
05/August VII Summer Cup Invitational Club Invitation
30/July V Opengolf Tournament Registrations in Caddy Master
17/July Monforte City Registrations in Caddy Master
8&9/July VI Anniversary Font del Llop Registrations in Caddy Master
28/May Corporate Circuit Registrations in Caddy Master
01/May I Tournament Futgolf Ranking on Facebook and Blog
16/April V Springtime Tournament Callaway Greensome Ranking on Facebook
26/March V Memorial Salvador Penalva Ranking on Facebook
27/February V Tournament Bridgestone Ecco Ranking on Facebook
27/January Winter Cup Invitational Ranking on Facebook
23/January Circuit Ballantines Ranking on Facebook
09/January VI 3 Kings Tournament Ranking on Facebook

2015/ Ranking

31/October VI Halloween Registrations at Caddy Master
17/October VI Oktoberfest Registrations at Caddy Master
03/October II Presidents Cup Registrations at Caddy Master
26/September Levantes Cup CV Registrations Valencian Federation
19/September XII Table Grape Registrations at Caddy Master
22/August IV Summer Ends Registrations at Caddy Master
08/Agust II Dama de Elche Trophy- PTE Ranking on the Blog or Facebook
7/August VI Summer Cup Invitational Ranking on the Blog or Facebook
01/Agosto Campeonato Absoluto Golf Adaptado 2/3 Ranking on the Blog or Facebook
25/July Tournament Open Golf 2015 Ranking on the Blog or Facebook
18/July Tour Corporate Golf 2015 Ranking on the Blog or Facebook
11/July CV Mas&Fem 2ª, 3ª, 4ª, 5ª Championship Ranking on the Blog or Facebook
26&27 June V Anniversary Font del Llop Ranking on the Blog or Facebook
16/May IV Desafio Seve Ballesteros Ranking on the Blog or Facebook
22 to 24 April Absoluto Fem. CV Ranking on the Blog or Facebook
28/March IV Memorial Salvador Penalva Ranking on the Blog or Facebook
14&15/March II Puntuable Nacional Senior Amateur Ranking at Facebook
28/February III RH Golf Travel Agency Ranking at Facebook
14/February San Valentín Ranking at Facebook
24/January Circuito Ballantines Ranking at Facebook
03/January V Three Kings Tournament Ranking at Facebook

2014/ Ranking

27/December III Torneo Pav@ y Uva Registrations at Caddy Master
13/December V Christmas Tour. Maria Jaén Registrations at Caddy Master
30/November II Torneo Titleist & FootJoy Registrations at Caddy Master
02/Nov V Halloween Registrations at Caddy Master
26/July III OpenGolf.com T. Registrations at Caddy Master
11&12/July IV Anniversary Tournament Registrations at Caddy Master
28/June V Rotary Elche-Illice Charity Tournament Registrations at Caddy Master
30&31/May V T. GEPAC Charity Registrations at Caddy Master
24&25/May Circuito Canal + Registrations at Canal Plus Web
03/May I Festivity May Tournament Registrations at Caddy Master
12/April III Springtime T. CobraPumaGolf Registrations at Caddy Master
06/April T. Federative Foreign Member CV Registrations at Fed.Golf Comunidad Valenciana
29/March Triangular Masc/Fem CV Registrations at Fed.Golf Comunidad Valenciana
15/March III Memorial Salvador Penalva Sponsor Banco Mediolanum
22/February Copa Levante Ranking at Fed.Golf Comunidad Valenciana
15/February III San Valentín T. Ranking at Facebook
02/February Circuito Costa Blanca Ranking at Facebook
18/Enero I T. Srixon-Cleveland Golf Ranking at Facebook
04/Enero IV Torneo de Reyes Ranking and photos at Facebook

2013/ Ranking

28/December II Torneo Pav@ y Uva Embolsada Inscriptions Caddy Master Bases
14/December IV T.Christmas María Jaén Inscriptions Caddy Master
05 al 07/December Campeonato de España Senior Profesionales Campeonato de España Profesionales
04/December Pro-Am Campeonato de España Senior Profesionales Fotos y Resultados
18 to 20/November “Costa Blanca Open LET” Ladies European Tour
17/November Pro-Am Costa Blanca Open LET Inscripciones en Caddy Master Bases
2/Nov IV Tournament Halloween 1ª CAT/ 2ª CAT / DAMAS
19/OCT II Tournament RH Golf Travel Ranking
05/Oct IV Oktoberfest Inscriptions Caddy Master
September 21st/ X T. Uva de Mesa Embolsada Inscripciones en Caddy Master
August 31st/ II Tournament Summer End Inscripciones en Caddy Master Rules
August 2nd/ IV Summer Cup Tournament Invitational
July 28th II Torneo Open Golf 1ªCat / 2ªCat / Damas
July 05th & 06th III Anniversary Font del Llop Golf Bases
June 29th Tournament Valle de las Uvas Inscripciones en Caddy Master
June 1st IV Tournament Rotary Elche-Illice 1ª Cat / 2ª Cat. / Ladies
May 26th/ Tournament Triangular Masculino C.V. Inscripciones en FGCV
May 11th Springtime Tournament Colabora Taylor Made
>April 13th/ III Tournament Desafio Seve Ballesteros Inscripciones en Caddy Master Bases
April 7th/ I Tournament Pre-Open de España Resultados
March 16th/ II Tournament Memorial Salvador Penalva< Resultados 1ra 2daDamas Jr>
March 2nd/ Copa Levante – Memorial Fco. Gil Resultados
February 17th/ II Tournament San Valentin 1ª Cat/ 2ª Cat/ Damas
January 27th/ I Tournament Carnival Resultados
January 5ht/ III Tournament 3 Kings Resultados

2012/ Rankings

29/December I Tournament Pav@ & Uva de Mesa Embolsada Ranking 1ª Cat. / 2ª Cat.
15/December III Christmas Tournament María Jaén Registrations Caddy Master
25/Noviembre I Torneo de Golf ViBo Viajes Registrations at Caddy Master
10/November I Charity Tournament ¡Muevete! Registrations Caddy Master Rules
27/October III Torneo Halloween Registrations Caddy Master Rules
06/October Francisco Gil Memorial Registrations Caddy Master Rules
29/September III Tournament Oktoberfest Registrations Caddy Master
25/August I Summer Tournament’12 Registrations Caddy Master Rules
03/August III Invitational Summer Cup Registrations Caddy Master
28/July I Tournament OPENGOLF Registrations Caddy Master
6-7/July II Tournament Font del Llop Golf Anniversary Registrations Caddy Master Rules
28/June Torneo Locos por el Golf Registrations at info@locosporelgolf.com
02/June III Rotary Elche Tournament Registrations Caddy Master Rules
26/May I Springtime Trophy Ranking
08/May XXIII Circuito Banco Santander Banca Privada Privated Tournament Rules
14/April Triangular Masculino Comunidad Valenciana Registrations Caddy Master Rules
7/April II Tournament Desafío Seve Ballesteros Registrations Caddy Master Rules
17/March Salvador Penalva Memorial Tournament Ranking Bases
12/February I Valentine’s Day Tournament Registrations Caddy Master
28/January Happy Swing Tournament Ranking
7/January II Tournament Three Kings Registrations Caddy MasterRules

2011/ Rankings

18/Dicember II Christmas Tournament María Jaén Registrations Caddy Master
12/November I Ryder Cup UA vs UMH Bases Free Golf Bauptism
30/October II Halloween Tournament Results/ Bases
02/October II Tournament Oktoberfest Classification
22/September La CAIXA Tournament (Private) Classification Caddy Master
17/September Uva de Mesa Embolsada Tournament Classification
5/September VI Prueba Circuito Profesionales CV Classificacion Valencian Golf Federation
28/August Gambito Tournament Registrations at Caddy Master Classifications
30/July II Circuito Costa Blanca Amateur Results Registrations info@fdlgolf.es – 96.612.67.67
9/July “I Torneo Aniversario Font del Llop Golf” RANKINGS info@fdlgolf.es – RULES
2/July Tournament Surveyors, Architects and Engineers Information Caddy Master
18/June II Torneo Font del Llop Academy Information Caddy Master
4 y 5/JuneII  Canal + Golf Circuit Information Caddy Master
22/AprilTorneo TWO 4 ONE Information Caddy Master
09/AprilTorneo Desafío Seve Ballesteros Clasifications Desafío Seve Ballesteros
04/MarchTournament MAS AMIGOS Registrations  www.masamigos.com
18 y 19/FebruaryTournament CHECKinGOLF.com Information Caddy Master
13/FebruaryTournament Charity Day Information Caddy Master
06/FebruaryLiga Infantil Levante Information Caddy Master
31/JanuaryThe Golf Factory League Information Caddy Master
09/JanuaryFont del Llop Academy Tournament Information Caddy Master

2010/ Ranking

Christmas Tournament 2010 18/Dic’10 Ranking
I Halloween Tournament 31/Oct’10 Ranking
I Final Costa Blanca Amateur Tour 17/Oc Ranking
Two4Tee Tournament  26/Sept’10 Ranking
Ballantines Tournament 25/Sept’10 Ranking
Tournament Oktoberfest 18/Sept’10 Ranking